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Addiction That Touches Us All

Addiction touches us all. Whether it’s a acquaintance who can’t abdicate smoking, a aide afflicted with alcoholism, or a about abusing decree drugs, we all apperceive addition who suffers from some anatomy of addiction—we may alike accept an addiction ourselves. By some estimates, almost one in four Americans adeptness be ...

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Addiction And Addictive Behaviors /Attitudes

The characteristics are more or less common among variety of addictive behaviors. All the addicts will become obsessed totally by the thinking process of the substance or the operation(activity) and will make a way to it or find it out. And will indulge himself in all those activities or taking ...

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Addiction May Happen To Anyone

Normally people think of the addicts that may be they are detached from the bindings, limitations and the rules of the society and relationships . But this is totally a wrong thinking. The real thing is , addiction can happen to anyone regardless of environmental factors like society,relation, economic problems ...

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Physical And Psychological Types Of Addiction

Addiction is an urge to do something or to have something. It’s a kind of dependency also. The intense desire or urge induced by addiction can be either substantial or operational. Substantial addiction refers to the addiction in which the addiction is on a substance. Substances like drinks (alcohol, whiskey ...

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