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Harmful and toxic substances damage the natural surroundings

Introduction: Pollution describes harmful and toxic substances that are introduced into the environment that severely damage the natural surroundings. There are many types of pollutants, among them include household chemicals, multiple chemical products and industrial waste material, pesticides and herbicides.  When we think of pollution, we tend to think of ...

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Perils of Narcotic Drugs for Human Beings.

Perils of Narcotic Drugs for Human Beings

Perils of Narcotic Drugs for Human Beings Narcotic drugs are chemical substances that leave bad effects on the brain and body. There are various types of narcotics. Some effects of drugs are long-lasting and permanent on health. These effects will even continue harming the body after the person has stopped ...

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Am I Addicted To Any thing ? How Do I Understand It ?

Although the precise symptoms always vary from one addiction to another, when it is clarifying what is an addiction, there are two aspects of visible symptoms that all type of addictions have in common. First aspects, the addictive behavior is always maladaptive or counter-productive to the individual who are addicted ...

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