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Harmful and toxic substances damage the natural surroundings


Pollution describes harmful and toxic substances that are introduced into the environment that severely damage the natural surroundings. There are many types of pollutants, among them include household chemicals, multiple chemical products and industrial waste material, pesticides and herbicides.

 When we think of pollution, we tend to think of certain types of pollution such as water and soil contamination, plastic pollution, air-pollution and radioactive pollution. However, there are other forms of pollution that are just as disruptive towards the environment these include noise and light pollution. There are so many pollutants generated by humanity currently that it becomes necessary for people to block out the negative effect’s varied pollutants have on us.

For example, if you are accustomed to living in a city then you will be used to street lighting. An outsider, however, may find the effects of this light pollution unbearable. It may cause insomnia and restlessness. However, just because you yourself are accustomed to it does not mean you are unaffected.

Hidden pollutants:

Hidden pollutants are just that in other words, they are pollutants that you cannot see. Pollution is usually iconically portrayed as an oil spill spoiling miles of coastline and ocean or as factories visibly belching noxious fumes into the atmosphere. Hidden pollutants are sometimes more dangerous because they are harder to detect.

An overlooked but serious pollutant is EMF or electromagnetic frequency pollution. Not much is known about the effects of EMF pollution but some speculate it has a negative physical effect as well as affecting our emotional state. EMF frequencies are made by every day electrical items such as Radio waves, cell phones, fluorescent lighting and other man-made energy that surrounds us.

Modern-day agricultural practices have proven to be one of the biggest contributors to global pollution. Agricultural run-off includes pesticides, herbicides, untreated animal waste and nonrenewable fossil fuels used to drive heavy farm machinery. It is also now fashionable for industrial-scale producers of food to use GMO (genetically modified) crops. Most of these crops are resistant to herbicides and therefore are periodically sprayed with harmful chemicals.

Protect public health and what can we do:

Pollution and climate change are a real thing. Our world is changing and a clean future is becoming harder and harder to imagine. The mental impact this has on public health is vast. Not only are we losing our natural habitat and the animals that share it. But we are also losing hope of dramatic positive change.

However, there are things individual people can do to help their own well-being and initiate positive change. It’s really important to know you are buying safe food products. Consuming safe food not only provides positively for your body but supports an industry that is greatly needed going forward. The disruption and ecological damage to the overproduction of plastic packaging can be stopped. Overall mindfulness and education are the most important. Your knowledge will bring you peace of mind.

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