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Perils of Narcotic Drugs for Human Beings.

Perils of Narcotic Drugs for Human Beings
Perils of Narcotic Drugs for Human Beings

Narcotic drugs are chemical substances that leave bad effects on the brain and body. There are various types of narcotics. Some effects of drugs are long-lasting and permanent on health. These effects will even continue harming the body after the person has stopped taking that drug. There are four basic methods of drug-taking, ingestion, injection, inhalation, and injection. The effects of narcotics entirely depend upon the way these are taken. For instance, when the drug is taken through a needle, it enters directly into the bloodstream and causes an immediate result, but when it is taken via the mouth, then it takes some time to show effects.   

Health Hazards of Narcotics There are various health hazards of narcotics; some of them are even fatal. Those narcotic drugs which have long-lasting permanent drugs can even affect the mental abilities of a person, and he can become abnormal for his daily routine activities.    Some of the most common health hazards of narcotics are mentioned below. But, one thing is for sure, no drug, even if it is not as severe as other drugs, is safe to use or does not cause future disarray.  

It weakens the immune system. This increases the risk of fatal diseases like cancer and hepatitis   Drugs inserted via injections are the most common cause of HIV Aids   Heart condition becomes severe, ranging from heart rate anomalies to heart strokes, heart attacks, collapse of blood vessels and vessel infections    Weight loss, abdominal pain, loss of appetite and liver malfunctioning, liver damage and liver cancer   Lung diseases  

Kidney malfunctioning and gallbladder issue Brain damage, stroke and mental disabilities   Memory issues, balance issues, and issues with daily life activities   Hormonal imbalance    Breast development in men   The indirect effect on the fetus and the baby if the mother is on drugs.

Stillborn babies and death of baby which are on mother feed are common examples   Infertility     Narcotic Addiction When drugs are injected in the body, they activate large amounts of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter involved in the regulation of motivation, emotions, and feelings of excitement. These activated dopamine rush towards the brain and make the person igh’. When these drugs are injected from time to time, they continue producing the igh’ state and will eventually affect the person’s ability to make decisions. With time, this narcotic drug use can lead to severe cravings and will cause narcotic addiction in that person.   

At present, above 7 million people are suffering from illegal drug use. This illicit drug use is causing one death in every four addicts. Even more, deaths, illnesses, and disabilities are connected to this narcotic addiction than are reported. People suffering from this dangerous narcotic addiction are more vulnerable to accidents, unintentional injuries, and social violence.   

Conclusion: Narcotic drugs are from no angle good for human health. It is better to call them slow poison, as they poison the human body, eats it up from inside, and leaves the addict helpless. Narcotic addiction is not only harmful to the one who is using them, but it also adversely affects society. The best way to keep society safe from this deadly and horrendous hing’ is to develop awareness among the masses.

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