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Message From Honorable Chairman

Welcome message of,dr.k.s.akash unique pic no-01.

Hello ! Peoples of the world,

            Welcome at our Leadership, Scientifically dynamic and Representative much awareness building Welfare Organization “ Bangladesh Preventive Welfare Society Of Suicide-Addiction-Narcotics & Pollution ” online informative expanded website ; which lead/expanded from our country Bangladesh. This site is play an important role for achieve knowledge and promoted much awareness among the people’s of the world about Suicide/Addiction/Narcotics/Pollution. This online awareness building website become to helpful/would be beneficiary for severely an addicting person, intoxicated person to substance abuse and growing dependency on the different drug or, other addicting substances with who and whose are prone to any type of intoxicating substances, tendency to commit suicide and severely depressive peoples around whole of the world. We are working hard to try publish update scientific research article and awareness bulletin about effects, merits, demerits, sign-symptoms, diagnosis, treatment advice, counseling of all type of the intoxicating substances with harmful effect of the Environment pollution due to climate change and destructing activities of the human being which are responsible for that. As an important part of our ongoing effort, we have launched a world leader Preventive Welfare Organization from our country Bangladesh which full name is “ Bangladesh Preventive Welfare Society Of Suicide-Addiction-Narcotics & Pollution (BPWS Of SANP) “ and our launching spokesman website name is

We remember that, Every human life is like a little plant. We want to nursing it contribute through the provided information for build much awareness among the peoples. So, This site will help and provide all type of necessary information about Suicide-Addiction-Narcotics & Pollution regarding the knowledge searching students, teachers, doctors, patient’s, nurses, researcher and other’s community in our Bangladesh and around the world as a whole. In the meantime- From anywhere of the world people would be able to communicate with our Organization through this website. This site will help everybody who and whose the member and other part/section or, directly related or, involve to our Organization with people’s of the world in general – To know the updated information about the activities of the Organization and the updated news/events, with see the informative published articles. It will be continue at time to time by the website administrator directed through the taken policy of our Organization Executives Body/Board Of Controller (OEB/BOC). At the end of the all, I hope that – This website will fulfill more or, less all the requirements of desiring or, searching knowledge based people’s in around the whole world including will open opportunity to communicate within member and other’s part of our Welfare Organization : “ Bangladesh Preventive Welfare Society Of Suicide-Addiction-Narcotics & Pollution (BPWS OF SANP)”.

                                           Dr. K. S. Akash-06.


Thanks To All,

                                 Dr. Md. Kafil – Uddin Sarker Akash

                                                                                        Honorable Chairman,   

                                                                    Bangladesh Preventive Welfare Society


                                                                 Suicide-Addiction-Narcotics & Pollution (BPWS Of SANP).

About Dr. Md. Kafil - Uddin Sarker Akash

Short Biography Of The Hon’ble Chairman : Dr. Md. Kafil – Uddin Sarker Akash, Hon’ble Chairman, Bangladesh Preventive Welfare Society of Suicide-Addiction-Narcotics & Pollution(BPWS of SANP), was born on December 31 (Thirty One), 1982 in the Village : Nilam Kharida Sadra, P.O- Vayerhat, P.S- Kaunia, District- Rangpur, Country- Bangladesh. He is the son of Md. Nurul Islam and Most. Noorjahan Begum. Having obtained Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S) under University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh and he was enrolled as a Registered Doctor from “ Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council” -(BM&DC) ; And achieved Post-Graduation Degree on Forensic Medicine (D.F.M) ; Under Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University(BSMMU), Bangladesh and Also achieved (M.C.P.S) Membership, From Bangladesh College of Physician & Surgeons -(B.C.P.S). Currently, he is Fellow in Phd Research Program at Institute of Biological Science under University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. He practiced as Reputed Physician and Work as a Autopsy Surgeon through conducted several Post-mortem Examinations and delivered huge expert Medico-Legal Opinion under Court of Law to aid for Administration of Justice. In additionally, he participate in many short and long time training program, Scientific Seminar, Symposium and Obtained many of the Training Certificates. He also conducted and taken Lecture Class in different Medical Colleges of Bangladesh for a longer period of time. Thus, he get opportunity to build intimacy and make friendly relationship among with the huge students and try to understand psychology of different level students. He also build and make intimacy with the huge General Peoples through visited on different region locally, internationally and See how to suffer the peoples due to anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, abuse and dependence, effects of different pollution, contamination and intoxication, harmful effects due to destruction of nature and natural environment, effects of climate change and suffer different health hazards for that reasons etc. Thus, he inspire and encouraged for doing something of the human being, that would be ensure welfare need of the world peoples.

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