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Mission & Vision :

      Mission & Vision of bdwelfaresociety.rog,dr.akash, collected unique pic no-01.


  1.  We Work For Human Being. Every Human Life has an important value for us.

  1. We make awareness among the people around whole of the world leading from Bangladesh for healthy and peaceful human life.
  1. We work for prevent Suicide and Suicidal Tendency among the people through much communicating awareness.
  1. We work for build awareness that , Suicide Should Never Be Only An Option. Each/Every life of human beings means –  Living With Struggling . Failure ? It is the only one (01) ‘Impersonation of Human Life’, where other impersonation of the human life is still remain/present till now.
  1. We work for build awareness among the people to discourage for taking addicting substances. An addicted person is always burden for his/her family, society, country and the World.
  1. We work among the world people and always try to understand that- “ Suicide Is Not A Solution For Leave The Problems/Hazards of Suffer”. Each/Every life has some of different meaning/different dreaming where one dream break and other dream begin.
  1. We work for human with cordially try to protect and save every human life from harmful effects of all type of the intoxicating substances.
  1. We build and make much awareness among the people about the demerits of intoxicating substances. We always discourage to avoid addicted friends and addicting substances.
  1. We work for make awareness among the people about the harmful effects of Environment Pollution.
  1. We work for build much awareness to make and maintain a Green World with reducing the level of Carbon.
  1. We build awareness among the people for make a pollution free healthy and beautiful world for Human Being.
  1. We work for pollution free oxygen in the environment for peaceful each and every Human Life.

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