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Narcotics Discussion: Definition,Purpose,Precautions,Description,Preparation,Aftercare And Risks

Narcotics :

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Definition/Meaning :

Narcotics are accustomed opioid drugs acquired from the Asian poppy Palaver analgesic or, semi-synthetic or, constructed substitutes for these drugs.

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Purpose/Objectives :

Narcotics are drugs that addled the faculty of affliction and account blackout or, sleep. They are the best able apparatus a physician has to abate astringent pain. Narcotics are additionally accustomed pre-operatively to abate all-overs and abet anesthesia. Added accepted uses are to abolish ahem and to ascendancy actual astringent diarrhea. In ample doses, they can abolish the adeptness to breathe and account blackout and death. Narcotics are additionally taken illegally for recreational use.

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Precautions/Safety Measures :

Narcotics should abandoned be taken beneath the administration of a physician. These drugs abase the axial abashed arrangement and should not be taken with added drugs, such as alcohol-barbiturates -antihistamines & benzodiazepines that additionally abase the axial abashed system.

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Opioids are burst bottomward by the liver. Individuals with alarmist accident may not detoxify these substances as rapidly as advantageous individuals, arch to abeyant adventitious overdose. Artery narcotics are of ambiguous backbone and may be attenuated with baneful chemicals or, accommodate a admixture of drugs that can account life-threatening reactions.

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Description/Statement :

Natural narcotics are acquired anon from the sap of the green berry pods of the opium poppy. Morphine and codeine are the best accustomed accustomed narcotics and are the narcotics best frequently acclimated in medical settings. About they are assigned in aggregate with added the non Narcotic Drugs. Heroin is the semi synthetic Narcotic. It has no medical or, acknowledged uses. Added absolutely constructed narcotics are fabricated in the laboratory. These accommodate drugs with medical uses such as fentanyl and oxycodone and actionable “designer drugs” actinic for recreational use. Some counterfeit narcotics are hundreds of times added almighty than accustomed narcotics.

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Narcotics abase the axial abashed system. They assignment by bounden chemically with receptors in a way that blocks the manual of assumption impulses. These drugs do not cure the antecedent of the pain; they artlessly block the individual’s acumen of pain. Back acclimated to amusement ahem or, diarrhea, they apathetic or, block beef contractions.

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Morphine (Roxanol/Dura morphine/morphine sulfate/morphine hydrochloride) is the best frequently acclimated medical analgesic for managing abstinent to astringent pain. It can be additionally be acclimated to ascendancy acute diarrhea acquired by cholera or, agnate diseases. Morphine sulfate is a white crumb that dissolves in water. It is usually accustomed by bang into a beef or, intravenously by bang into a vein. Back accustomed intravenously, its aftereffect occurs about immediately. Individuals accustomed morphine consistently accept a aerial abeyant for developing assurance on the drug. Morphine can account abandonment affection if chock-full abruptly. It is not a accepted artery drug.


More codeine is assigned medically than any added narcotic. Concentrations of codeine in the sap of the opium poppy are low, so best codeine is bogus by actinic about-face of morphine. For affliction control, codeine is accumulated with added non-narcotic painkillers such as aspirin (Empirin with the Codeine) acetaminophen (Tylenol with the Codeine) or, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These aggregate painkillers are bogus as tablets (most common) or, liquids and appear in a array of strengths based on the bulk of codeine they contain.

Codeine is additionally begin in some ahem syrups (Robitussin A-C, for example) and is acclimated to ascendancy dry cough. Occasionally codeine is acclimated to ascendancy astringent diarrhea, although diphenoxylate (Lomotil) is acclimated added often.

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In Canada, assertive low-dose codeine affliction relievers are awash afterwards prescription. In the United States affliction medication with codeine requires a prescription. The likelihood of concrete or, cerebral assurance on codeine is abundant lower than with morphine.


Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) is a analgesic synthetically produced from morphine. It is accessible in tablets or, as an injectable band-aid and acclimated for affliction relief. It is one of the best accepted affliction relievers assigned for patients who are terminally ill, because it combines aerial capability with low ancillary effects.


Mederidine (Demerol) was originally developed to amusement beef spasms but is as of 2005 acclimated mainly for affliction relief. It is bogus as tablets of capricious strengths. Addition constructed affliction abatement analgesic whose use parallels mederidine is propoxyphene. Back accumulated with aspirin this analgesic is accepted beneath the cast name Darvon.


Oxycodone (Oxycontin), a constructed analgesic acclimated for affliction relief, is bogus both abandoned and with aspirin (Percodan) or, acetaminophen (Percoset) in tablets of assorted strengths.


OxyContin is a controlled absolution blueprint of oxycodone that controls affliction continuously for 12 hours at a time.

Oxycodone has a aerial abeyant for decree biologic and artery abuse.


Hydrocodone with acetaminophen (Vicodin) is addition constructed analgesic whose use and abeyant corruption parallels oxycodone.


Fentanyl (Sublimaze, Actiq, Duragesic) is acclimated as a surgical anesthetic. It is accessible as an injectable band-aid and as a bark patch.


Methadone is a constructed analgesic acclimated mainly as a acting for heroin in heroin abandonment treatment, although it does accept pain-killing properties. Methadone, back taken by aperture (liquid, wafers, tablets) provides little of the bliss of heroin, but it blocks heroin cravings and abandonment symptoms.


The aboriginal all-embracing attempts to ascendancy analgesic drugs were fabricated in 1909 with the accumulation of the Opium Commission Forum, which developed the aboriginal all-embracing biologic ascendancy accord in 1912. In the aboriginal 2000s narcotics are adapted internationally by the All-embracing Narcotics Ascendancy Board (INCB), accustomed in 1961. The INCB regulates the agronomics of raw abstracts to accomplish narcotics and accustomed and counterfeit drugs. Cocaine and marijuana additionally abatement beneath the board’s of control, although they are not technically the Narcotics. Analgesic drugs are additionally adapted by federal and accompaniment governments. In law enforcement, the appellation narcotics is continued to accommodate other, mainly adulterous drugs such as cocaine that accept little medical use.


Preparation/Formulations :

No appropriate alertness is appropriate afore actuality advised with narcotics, although, as with all medications, individuals should acquaint their physician about all decree and non-prescription drugs, supplements and herbal remedies that they are taking, as assertive medications may enhance the furnishings of narcotics.

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Aftercare :

When an alone is assigned narcotics consistently for an continued period, altruism may develop. With tolerance, the alone charge booty college and college doses to accomplish the aforementioned akin of affliction control. In some cases, back narcotics are chock-full abruptly, abandonment affection may develop. These include:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Rapid breathing
  • Runny nose
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting and Diarrhea
  • Confusion
  • Shaking
  • Lack of appetite

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In adjustment to anticipate abandonment symptoms, the dosage of narcotics can be gradually diminished, a action accepted as tapering, until they can be discontinued absolutely afterwards abhorrent effects. Individuals may additionally be advised with the biologic cloindine (Catapres) to abate some abandonment symptoms.


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Risks/Hazards :

All narcotics accept the abeyant to become physically and psychologically addictive. Back acclimated regularly, altruism can develop. Corruption and assurance on analgesic decree drugs in an accretion botheration amid the aged decidedly and amid associates of the average chic generally.

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Overdose and abandonment affection and reactions acquired by contagion with added drugs or baneful chemicals are accepted affidavit for drug-related visits to the emergency allowance by individuals application artery narcotics recreationally. Balance is advised with the biologic naloxone (ReVia). Naloxone blocks and reverses the furnishings of narcotics. Back accustomed intravenously it is able aural one to two minutes.

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Key terms

Tapering — Gradually abbreviation the bulk of a biologic back endlessly it abruptly would account abhorrent abandonment symptoms.


Normal results

When acclimated as prescribed, narcotics are a about safe and able way to abate affliction and ascendancy ahem and astringent diarrhea. Individuals should not be abashed they will advance an addiction afterwards a concise advance of narcotics afterward a dental or medical procedure, provided that they chase their physician’s instructions for demography the drugs.

About Dr. Md. Kafil - Uddin Sarker Akash

Short Biography Of The Hon’ble Chairman : Dr. Md. Kafil – Uddin Sarker Akash, Hon’ble Chairman, Bangladesh Preventive Welfare Society of Suicide-Addiction-Narcotics & Pollution(BPWS of SANP), was born on December 31 (Thirty One), 1982 in the Village : Nilam Kharida Sadra, P.O- Vayerhat, P.S- Kaunia, District- Rangpur, Country- Bangladesh. He is the son of Md. Nurul Islam and Most. Noorjahan Begum. Having obtained Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S) under University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh and he was enrolled as a Registered Doctor from “ Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council” -(BM&DC) ; And achieved Post-Graduation Degree on Forensic Medicine (D.F.M) ; Under Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University(BSMMU), Bangladesh and Also achieved (M.C.P.S) Membership, From Bangladesh College of Physician & Surgeons -(B.C.P.S). Currently, he is Fellow in Phd Research Program at Institute of Biological Science under University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. He practiced as Reputed Physician and Work as a Autopsy Surgeon through conducted several Post-mortem Examinations and delivered huge expert Medico-Legal Opinion under Court of Law to aid for Administration of Justice. In additionally, he participate in many short and long time training program, Scientific Seminar, Symposium and Obtained many of the Training Certificates. He also conducted and taken Lecture Class in different Medical Colleges of Bangladesh for a longer period of time. Thus, he get opportunity to build intimacy and make friendly relationship among with the huge students and try to understand psychology of different level students. He also build and make intimacy with the huge General Peoples through visited on different region locally, internationally and See how to suffer the peoples due to anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, abuse and dependence, effects of different pollution, contamination and intoxication, harmful effects due to destruction of nature and natural environment, effects of climate change and suffer different health hazards for that reasons etc. Thus, he inspire and encouraged for doing something of the human being, that would be ensure welfare need of the world peoples.

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