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We always try to instructed them in scientific way who and whose are suffer from on different types of addicting drug or, substances, growing dependency on different addicting substances, impossible to avoid smoking after trying several times and who always feel, cannot possible to live without smoking or, others type ...

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We always try to consult and counsel with the victimized person for maintain his/her mental health and always try to help from different corner by the process of counseling as our ability and power with strongly encourage them for bring up and reform his/her life. We always try to save ...

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We always try to making a group for easiness and facility to work from among the sufferer and vulnerable people of the invaded or, attacked of different specific area, where our social welfare worker are always work with that group for making awareness and conscious the people about harmful effects ...

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We always try to communicate with the sufferer and vulnerable group of people those are already victim and become to victim of the addiction, intoxication, anxiety, depression, attempt to suicide or, tendency to suicide, person with huge mental stress, different social fovea, drug or, substance abuse, already growing dependency on ...

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Awareness Program In Religious Education Center (REC) & Campaign

We emphasis particularly and special attention in the different religious education center students, teachers, controller, government body and among other relevant persons of that center where different religious faith, vision and philosophy are more valuable to play an important role for promote our society people to build for peaceful and ...

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Region Based Program & Campaign

We emphasis particularly at different region of our country with the different region of the world as a whole for build much awareness against the harmful effects of the different intoxicating substances, different addicting substances, substances abuse, growing dependency on the different drugs, suffering from anxiety, depression and prone to ...

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